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  • About Weldon Hotel

    Winton Hotel Guangzhou is an old Roma style architecture located in the development zone, about 10 kilometers from Xiangxue Park.
    The property has 4 buildings, all 252 rooms and suites. Hotel’s dining options include a Chinese restaurant, a bar and a self-service buffet restaurant.
    Other amenities include fitness room, tennis, SPA, outdoor swimming pool, banquet hall and 2 conference halls.
    Hotels have special electric space astronauts MPE bed, Germany, Italy, original components configuration of natural latex materials, perfectly human anatomy, match with delicate workmanship, enjoy the most intimate costly sleep enjoy, Sunshine double bubble bath crock unique lowering humanized design, honored guest enjoy sweet caress double bubble bath. Italian emulsioni paint effectively remove indoor all sorts of harmful gases and peculiar smell, and environmental health, make guests in blue sky.another 1 nature. Hotel is the root of 49 and corridor of natural granite polished and Roman pillar corridor, carefree regression noble Victorian. Hotel is the first adopts the pool water circulation system, the hotel in the swim profound experience. Infinite tianchi Romantic of spicy camphor trees emanate charming scent, in romance will drive mosquito in invisible.

    Email: reservation@weldonhotelguangzhou.com Fax: +86-20-62614116 Weldon Hotel